Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wheels on our CJUSD Buses!

The beginning of school doesn't just mean the start of new classes and homework, but it means a large increase in traffic, both vehicle and pedestrian. Our CJUSD bus drivers are up for the challenge and take pride in getting our students to school safely and on time. The following CJUSD Bus Drivers have been recognized by the CHP for their Safe Driving records. Congratulations to the following recipients
Loretta Parshall, 5 years
Tambra Kidwell, 5 years
Bridgette Swilling-Fergunson- 5 years
Sherry Wilson, 5 years
Ronald Elder, 10 years
Dina Nord, 10 years
Cynthia Mitchell, 10 years
Bonnie Corralejo, 10 years
Cheryl Dixon, 20 years
Janet McQueen, 20 years
Marion Gloyd, 20 years