Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Center High Presents- "Did Someone Say Murder?"

Center High presents: "Did Someone Say Murder?"
A play by David LeMaster.
Play Dates are November 9th and 10th and November 16th and 17th. Times are Friday nights at 7:00 and Saturday at 2:00 and again at 7:00.
Prices are $7.00 at the door, $5.00 for students with an ASB sticker or individuals 55 or older.
Care to attend "murder night?" Join an array of wacky characters as they dine and watch the world's greatest detective, Rathbone, solve murders right in front of their eyes. There's only one catch – anyone can be the victim, and you're on your own in finishing the evening alive. Designed for a single, permanent set, Did Someone Say, Murder? is easily managed in the smallest and most informal of spaces. Can Rathbone solve the mystery before the killer runs out of murder victims? Can you solve the mystery before Rathbone does, or will the killer manage to escape the evening and kill again? Murders, false identities, spies, double-crossings, tricks, surprises, thrills and a most scrumptious lobster dinner propel this mystery to its deliciously shocking ending.