Friday, May 10, 2013

Celebrating and Honoring Our Employees at CJUSD

It is our honor to announce to you those individuals selected as Teacher of the Year by their school sites.
          Lori Day                       North Country Elementary School
          John Telles                  Wilson C. Riles Middle School
          Jill Warriner                 Oak Hill Elementary School
          Joanne Underwood     Dudley Elementary School
          Michael Wright            Center High School
          Terri Crepps                Spinelli Elementary School
          Kim Baioni                   McClellan Elementary School
Congratulations to each of these fine and deserving teachers!
We would also like to announce that MICHAEL WRIGHT from Center High School has been selected as this year's Center Joint Unified School District's Teacher of the Year.  Congratulations Mike!
Mike has devoted 30 years to the District and to Center High School.  He is well-loved by his students, highly respected by his peers, and revered in the regional Science community for his numerous outreach and partnership activities with universities and other Science and research organizations.  His focus in these endeavors is to provide unique learning opportunities for his students, and they have been the beneficiaries of these unique partnerships for three decades.
We salute Mike for his many years of excellence and dedication, and congratulate all these excellent Teachers of the Year.  Each is a great asset to their school site and to our District.  

As with the Teacher of the Year, it is likewise and honor to announce to you those individuals selected as Classified Employee of the Year by their school sites.   Each has been recognized by their peers for excellent service to their school community.  We truly appreciate their service to the District.
          Barbara Blackwell          Wilson C. Riles Middle School
          Michael Smirnov            Spinelli Elementary School
          Patricia Rivas                 Dudley Elementary School
          Phyliss Wharton             Center High School
          Terry McCauley              McClellan High School
          Linda Duncan                 North Country Elementary School
          Junella Barnes               Oak Hill Elementary School
Once again, thank you for your excellence and congratulations!