Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CJUSD Teacher and Employee of the Year

Congratulations to the following individuals for being recognized as Site Teacher of the Year and Site Classified Employee of the Year:

Dudley:  Teacher of the Year, Steven Carlson; Classified Employee, Sandra Rodriguez
Center High:  Teacher of the Year, Rob McInnes; Classified Employee, Rebecca Lukes
McClellan High:  Teacher of the Year, Greg Davis; Classified Employee, Teri Shoup
North Country:  Teacher of the Year, Cheryl Schloegl-Kam; Classified Employee, Arlene Ballesteros
Oak Hill:  Teacher of the Year/District Teacher of the Year, Marci Phillips; Classified Employee, Hanna Sashko
Riles:  Teacher of the Year, Mark Jordan; Classified Employee, Rhonda Vaughn
Spinelli:  Teacher of the Year, Denae Chamberlain; Classified Employee, Laura Leonard
Antelope View Charter:  Teacher of the Year, Inna Babikova
Global Youth Charter:  Teacher of the Year, Clifton Castro