Tuesday, January 28, 2014

3 Key Ideas for Parents about the Common Core

1.  Thinking Deeply-The Common Core emphasizes critical thinking.  It requires students to analyze more, discuss more, evaluate more, justify more and explain their thinking & understanding deeply, especially in writing.  Parent take away tip: Really thinking deeply is hard.  Let it BE hard, help them talk it out.
2. Integrating Learning-The Common Core emphasizes learning across disciplines (reading with math & social studies standards combined in one task.)  Students spend more time working together with different settings, structures & tools.  Parent take away tip: Problems & solutions happen everyday in real world.
3. Showing How They Know-The Common Core emphasizes proof & evidence.  Long gone are the days of worksheets, fact memorization and skill & drill.  Students are not taught this way and they are not assessed this way.  Parent take away tip: Assessments and the Smarter Balanced test will require students to explain how they know.